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Employers, Managers, HR

Employers, Managers, HR

Critical Incident Support

WellSpan Employee Assistance Program is committed to providing comprehensive and timely critical response services following traumatic events such as accidents, injury, death, violence, restructuring or any other event that elicits a significant stress reaction.  It’s important to recognize that it may not be “business as usual” and productivity may be altered.  The goal is to initiate healthy coping strategies to help employees return to normal functioning.  When not handled properly it can lead to high financial costs due to turnover, absenteeism, low productivity, and poor morale.  Below are ways the EAP can partner with you to support your employees through these difficult events.

Management/Supervisory Consultation Services - are available at any time. Having WellSpan EAP as a part of the emergency response plan can help define roles and resources before being faced with a traumatic event.  We can help in the planning stages to determine how the EAP can be effectively utilized to meet the needs of both the employer and employees. 

Critical Incident Support - available to employees following the critical event or several days after the event. Emotional support and education is provided to normalize reactions to stress and encourage effective coping strategies. These services can be done 1:1 or in a group setting as a debriefing. Services can be facilitated onsite, telephonically, and/or virtually.

 “Walk Arounds” - can be done immediately or several days after a critical event occurs.  EAP responders walk around to various departments/divisions within the organization to speak directly with employees. These “pulse checks” allow EAP responders to personally connect with staff, determine how they are coping, and remind them of the Employee Assistance Program.  

Counseling Services - individuals may benefit from counseling after the initial shock is over and the grieving process begins. EAP benefits are available to your employees. We can help with the appointment process if necessary.

Printed Resources - are available for management, employees and families. Resources can be sent via fax or e-mail.  It is recommended that EAP brochures be distributed to all individuals during this challenging time.  Refer to our Resources tab for additional information. 

Staff Development and Training Programs - are available at any time. Topics such as Navigating Through Change, Resiliency, and Stress Management are just a few. These programs can be helpful for individuals after a critical incident.

To discuss or arrange a critical response please call WellSpan EAP at 1-800-673-2514 OR call Crisis Intervention at 1-800-673-2496. A Crisis Counselor will contact the EAP Representative on call.  Let us know your name, position, phone number, the employer group you represent and what occurred.

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