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Employers, Managers, HR

Employers, Managers, HR

Supervisory Referral Process and Forms

The EAP provides an opportunity for the employee to address job performance issues. Participation with the EAP is voluntary and does not mean an employee is immune from disciplinary actions if job performance issues continue. For any questions about this process, please call EAP Client Services, at 1-800-673-2514.

How Do We Make a Referral?

Step 1: Based upon documented employee job performance issue(s), a determination is made by management/HR that a supervisory referral is needed.

Step 2: HR and/or Supervisor meet with employee to make referral.  Employee and HR/Supervisor will sign Supervisor Referral Form (click here for form) and Authorization to Release EAP Information (click here for form).  Note:  Remind employee that session content is confidential but that you will receive notice about their attendance at appointments & treatment recommendations.

Step 3: HR/Supervisor should email or fax completed forms and supporting documentation to WellSpan EAP Client Services at wellspaneap@wellspan.org or (717) 851-4493 (prior to employee calling to schedule their first EAP appointment).

Step 4: Referred employee should call WellSpan EAP Client Services directly (within 72 hours) at 1-800-673-2514 to provide necessary demographic information.  

Step 5: WellSpan EAP will coordinate initial appointment with appropriate provider and notify employee of availability.  Employee will need to call selected provider and CONFIRM appointment.  It is recommended that employee notify WELLSPAN EAP of this confirmation. 

What Should We Expect After Referral is Made?

Step 1: Via phone or secure email, WellSpan EAP notifies primary contact person listed on the Authorization to Release EAP Information form of the employee’s first scheduled appointment date.

Step 2: A WellSpan EAP representative will call or send a secure email to primary contact listed on form to provide updates regarding employee’s participation when available.  

Step 3: A ‘Client Status Report’ completed by the provider, will be sent via secure email directly to the primary contact person listed on the Authorization to Release EAP Information form.

We recommend continued discussion about performance issues as needed.  Supervisor or HR are strongly encouraged to follow up directly with referred employee for information regarding their attendance at EAP sessions or to continue performance-related discussions.

Supervisor Referral and Authorization to Release EAP Information forms (pdf). Please complete the referral and informed consent forms. Email or fax the completed forms to WellSpan EAP Client Services at wellspaneap@wellspan.org or (717) 851-4493

Complete web-based Supervisor Training which reviews the supervisory referral process.


Frequently asked questions about Fitness For Duty Evaluations

  • What is a true Fitness for Duty evaluation?
    A psychological FFDE is a formal, specialized evaluation by a qualified, licensed professional to determine whether the employee can safely and effectively perform his or her essential job functions.  Evaluations of this type tend to be lengthy and expensive.
  • Can I obtain a Fitness for Duty evaluation through WellSpan EAP?
    WellSpan Employee Assistance Program does not offer Fitness For Duty evaluations.  This is beyond the scope of practice that our licensed mental health therapists perform under the WSEAP.
      Given the level of detailed assessment procedures and techniques involved, this comprehensive psychological evaluation falls outside of traditional EAP counseling sessions.
  •  How can WellSpan EAP help?
    If you have submitted a Supervisory Referral with the appropriate signed consent form, our EAP Team will communicate the following things with you:  Date and Time of employee’s EAP appointment; if the employee has attended those sessions, including cancellations and rescheduling; recommendations by the provider (if any); and if the provider feels the individual is following those treatment recommendations. 
  • What if I have further questions?
    If you have any further questions regarding Fitness for Duty evaluations, please give us a call at 1-800-673-2514.




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